Monday, October 13, 2014

New Adventures in the Land of Volcanoes

So, I've promised for months to start an adventure blog. Well here it is!! I keep my promises :-)

It's been a fun year of adventure!! Never thought that I would move to the west coast in this awesome year of 2014!!

 And the story of how moving to Oregon came about is pretty awesome too!! Dwight and I went on vacation to Savannah, Ga and while sitting on the beach in Tybee Island we talked about where we saw ourselves in the future. We both were drawn to Oregon and had thought about moving here in the past. So, the planning started!! We both are the kind of people that go out and do/get what we want :-) So, we decided on an October 1st move. The only thing was that October 1st was less than 2 months away!!!! Let the fun begin!!!

A few weeks later we traveled out west to check out Bend, Oregon and each applied for nursing licenses in the state of Oregon. What a crazy adventure that trip was!!! We flew to Vegas and drove to Bend(all 15 hours of driving!!!!). What we found in Bend was a very cool town that was smaller than Asheville and cleaner without a ton of homeless. The beer was quite good and access to trails was great!!The geography of the region is pretty cool also. You can be in the Cascade Mountains with snow capped mountains and glaciers in a short drive from town or be in the High Desert on the other side of town. Yes, Oregon has a desert and it doesn't rain here all the time either. The other interesting aspect is that Bend is surrounded by volcanoes and yes some remain active to this day. There are cool Lava flow fields to see while out trail running or just while in the park. There are canyons and waterfalls, etc etc!!! Bend is in a very unique location!!! The next important aspect is that winter comes here, and though not too snowy in town, the close by Cascades can get 10+ft of snow. Yes, I did say 10+ft!!!! There are oodles of maintained snow parks for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, etc!! And a ski resort 20 minutes from town. That equals fun!!!! The outdoor adventures to be had here are endless and to be honest the West is one giant playground!! And we are excited to be living here and ready to explore!!!!

Stay tuned for our adventures!!!


  1. I'm so happy for you! I take it the licensing went well since, I believe, you mentioned having a job already? Oregon is beautiful. We didn't make it to Bend but drove through quite a bit of it taking the scenic route home to Nevada from Yellowstone. Enjoy yourselves and don't forget to take a post lots of photos so we can enjoy Oregon with you :)! BTW, its me - Suzi!

    1. Thank you so much Suzi!! Had a job interview and still waiting :). Plus the state of Oregon is so slow with the background check. Still waiting for that. But, it is so beautiful here!! More so then North Carolina. I will post as often as I can and post lots of pics :)
      Looking forward to hearing of your adventures as well :-)